Cheshire East Local Plan

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The Local Plan sets planning policies, allocates sites for development and is used to make decisions on planning applications. It addresses issues such as the amount and locations of new housing and employment development, protection and improvement of important open areas, provision of new infrastructure, and improvement of town centres and community facilities.

Key Local Plan documents

The development plan is the basis for deciding planning applications and includes:

An index of adopted Local Plan policies is also available for reference and the adopted policies map shows the geographical extent of policies in the Local Plan.

The Minerals and Waste Plan is being prepared and will become part of the development plan once adopted.

Supporting Local Plan documents

These are not part of the statutory development plan but may be material considerations when making decisions on planning applications.

Information about the Local Plan and supporting documents
Community Infrastructure Levy The CIL is a fixed rate charge on the internal floor area of new housing and retail developments in parts of the borough.
Supplementary Planning Documents SPDs give more detailed guidance on the implementation of policies, for example on design, heritage or specific sites/locations.
Authority Monitoring Report The AMR reports on progress in producing Local Plan documents and implementing planning policies. Data on targets and indicators helps to monitor the effectiveness of policies.
Local Development Scheme The LDS sets out the timetable for preparing Local Plan documents.
Statement of Community Involvement The SCI describes how the council will involve the community and other interested parties when preparing new Local Plan documents and considering planning applications.
Infrastructure Delivery Plan The Infrastructure Delivery Plan Update (PDF, 1.2MB) sets out what future infrastructure is required and how it will be provided.
Local Plan Research and Evidence Including reports on housing, employment, retail, Green Belt, the environment, open spaces, sports needs, minerals, waste and transport.

Further information

Our Strategic Planning Update provides a regular update on Local Plan documents and other planning policy matters. You can also contact the Strategic Planning Team at

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