Authority Monitoring Report

The AMR is published each year and forms part of the Local Plan. The Authority Monitoring Report 2021/22 (PDF, 4.5MB) has now been published. The purpose of the report is to:

  • provide a profile of the borough, with information and key trends
  • identify the effects of planning policies on social, environmental and economic outputs
  • help determine the extent to which objectives, targets and programmes are being met
  • inform and guide future plans and policies
  • monitor the extent to which the timetable set out in the Local Development Scheme is being met.

The results of the AMR will have a direct input into the preparation of the Local Plan and the periodic revision of the LDS .  Authority Monitoring Reports from previous years are also available for information.


Minerals information is included with the AMR above.  A Local Aggregates Assessment is also carried out each year to monitor the demand and supply of aggregates (sand, gravel and hard rock).

Page last reviewed: 28 March 2023