Neighbourhood Planning

Neighbourhood Planning provides a powerful set of tools for local people to plan for the types of development to meet their community’s needs and where the ambition of the neighbourhood is aligned with the strategic needs and priorities of the wider local area.

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  • The toolkit page, which includes templates, guidance and key resources
  • The support page, request support to help prepare your NDP
  • The completed plans page, view a list of all of our formally made NDPs
  • A list of individual pages for all of our currently active NDPs

Progress in Cheshire East

Made NDP progress:


Recently active NDP progress:

Neighbourhood Development Plans Progress in Cheshire East
NDP Pre-submission ConsultationSubmitted Plan ConsultationExaminationReferendum

Little Bollington

Complete 14 November 2022
Ollerton with Marthall Complete June 2022
High Legh Complete 30 May 2021
Odd Rode Complete 8 January 2021

Other active areas that are still only at the formal stage of 'designated neighbourhood area', are listed below:

Consultations and referendums

  • Legislation requires that NDPs are subject to at least two formal, public, six-week long consultations. The qualifying body - the group preparing the plan, hosts the first consultation, which falls under Regulation 14. After the Regulation 14 consultation, the qualifying body have the opportunity to make any changes to their plan before submitting to us. Once submitted, we will host the second consultation on the plan, which falls under Regulation 16. To view our present NDP consultations, please visit our consultation portal.
  • To view our past and present NDP referendums, please visit our referendums page. Also, please visit our toolkit page to view our referendum guide for campaigners and councillors.


We offer support to groups that are deciding to prepare a neighbourhood plan. If you would like to discuss your plan, contact us to book a meeting or to talk with us over the phone. To find out the support we provide, visit our support page.


To keep informed on our neighbourhood plan progress:

Page last reviewed: 13 January 2023