Bunbury Neighbourhood Development Plan

This page contains important documents and links relating to the Bunbury NDP .

Regulation 14 - Pre-submission Consultation: 

The Bunbury NDP modification regulation 14 consultation began on the 17 February 2023, and closes on the 31 March 2023. More information can be found on the Bunbury Parish Council NDP webpage.

Bunbury NDP modification process begins.

Regulation 20 - Made Plan:

The original Bunbury NDP was made on the 29 March 2016. This plan still remains a part of the overall development plan for Cheshire East until it is revoked and superseded by the modified plan.

Regulation 19 - Referendum:

The Bunbury NDP  referendum was held on the 10 March 2016.

Regulations 17 and 18 - Examination:

The Bunbury NDP  examination took place in December 2015.

Regulations 15 and 16 - Submitted Plan Consultation:

The Bunbury NDP  regulation 16 consultation began on the 4 September 2015, and closed on the 16 October 2015. 

Regulation 14 - Pre-submission Consultation:

The Bunbury NDP  regulation 14 consultation took place between April and May 2015.

Regulations 5, 6 and 7 - Neighbourhood Area Designation:

The Bunbury NDP  neighbourhood area consultation began on the 11 August 2014, and closed on the 24 September 2014. The Bunbury NDP  neighbourhood area was designated on the 14 October 2014.

Page last reviewed: 13 March 2023