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Schools in Cheshire East

In Cheshire East we have 155 schools + 1 nursery; 124 primary schools; 25 secondary schools and 6 special schools; consisting of:

66 primary academies; 30 community primary schools (inclusive of 1 federation); 1 primary foundation school; 8 voluntary controlled primary schools and 19 voluntary aided primary schools and 1 community nursery.

16 secondary academies; 2 secondary free schools (inclusive of 1 alternative provision); 1 studio school (14-19); 3 community secondary schools; 1 foundation secondary school; 1 University Technical College (UTC) (14-18); and 1 pupil referral unit.

2 community special schools; 2 special academies and 2 special free schools.

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Critical incidents

The Critical Incidents team support education settings in Cheshire East where there is an incident which significantly affects the  day to day running of the setting or has a major impact on the wellbeing of staff and pupils. Further advice and support materials are available on the CHESS website.

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