Child Protection

Cheshire East Safeguarding Children’s Partnership (CE SCP)  oversees the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Children arrangements as required by the government guidance Working Together 2018. It is formed by the Cheshire East Council, Cheshire Police and NHS Cheshire Clinical Commissioning Group. All partners have equal and joint responsibility for local safeguarding arrangements and we are committed to the principles that support these arrangements.

In particular we're here to make sure that no child at risk ever falls through the 'cracks' and that any concern from any quarter is quickly shared and acted on.

The Children’s Society provide a Rights and Advocacy Service for children and young people. This service empowers children and young people to make their views heard and make sure they are involved in decisions that affect them. This includes Advocacy Services and Independent Visiting.

Advocacy service

The advocacy service covers several important areas:

  • listening carefully to children who need to get their views and feelings across
  • giving children a voice in decisions that affect their lives
  • ensuring young people’s rights are respected and that they are treated fairly
  • helping them solve problems in ways that feel comfortable to them
  • advocacy for children with complex communication needs, severe learning difficulties and children without speech
  • non-instructed advocacy for children with severe communication impairments (where the advocate gains information from those who know the child well and gauges what the child’s views are by observing their behaviour).


ChildLine website (external link) or call 0800 1111

Free 24 hour helpline for children and young people.

ChildLine can provide help and advice about a wide range of issues, talk to a counsellor online, send ChildLine an email or post on the message boards.

Page last reviewed: 17 November 2020

Contact details

0300 123 5012

0300 123 5022 – Emergency Duty Team (Out of Hours)

If you have a safeguarding concern and the phone lines are Out of Order and there is no automated message that guides you through to the service you wish to reach, please contact the below phone numbers:

  • 07784492174
  • 07814369297
  • 07966305353

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