Cheshire East Consultation Service

Do you have a concern about a child?

The Cheshire East Consultation Service ( Abbreviation ) is the ‘front door’ for access to services, support and advice for children and their families, from early help and support through to safeguarding and child protection.

General public

Phone  ChECS on 0300 123 5012 (option 3) Callers will be directed to a Unit Coordinator who will ask if the concerns are early help or safeguarding. You will then be directed to either Practitioner Support Officer for Early Help requests for support or a Social Worker ( ChECS ) for safeguarding concerns. The worker will gather your information and advice you of the next steps.

If you need to contact someone out of hours and you believe it to be an emergency that can't wait, please call our Emergency Duty Team on 0300 123 5022.

Please do not post or email your concerns to us but call for a consultation.

If the phone lines are Out of Order and there is no automated message that guides you through to the service you wish to reach, please contact the below phone numbers if the following applies:

  • You have a safeguarding concern and need to speak to a Social Worker immediately.





If the concerns are not safeguarding, please complete the online referral form and screening tools, please see links below

Professional making a referral need to complete our screening tools to pinpoint areas of concerns before consulting us.

Online Referral forms and Screening Tools 

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