Early Help Brokerage

You can access services for children and families through ChECS, the Cheshire East Consultation Service.

ChECS will make an assessment based on the information you and other professionals give them. You may have a further assessment by Children's Social Care or you may be referred to the Early Help Brokerage Team for early help support including a Early Help assessment which will look at the support you and your child needs.

The Early Help Brokerage team EHB, will gather and consider information about your child and your family. A Practitioner Support Officer PSO will contact you to gain consent and to gather more information about the support you and your family may require. The PSO will also gather information from previous case records and by making contact with other agencies who may be or have been involved. We do this to make informed decisions about the services that can help.

Once the information is gathered the PSO will discuss appropriate early help support with you to agree on a clear outcome of support. For example a referral for a Family Support Worker who will be able to support you and your child with the identified issues helping you have more positive outcomes.

You can access the Live Well site to look at community services available which you can contact for support yourself for example attending your local Children’s Centre.