Independent Reviewing Officers

There are two Independent Reviewing Officers ( IROs ) sub teams within Cheshire East Safeguarding and Quality Assurance Unit. 

All  IROs

  • make sure that the plans for children and young people, match their assessed needs and state clearly what is required to meet these needs
  • make sure children, young people, parents and carers understand the plans 
  • make sure everyone listens to what children, young people and their parents have to say
  • make sure everyone is keeping to their part of the agreed plan

Cared for IROs

Monitor the quality of Care /Pathway Plans and services provided to children and young people and undertake:

  • Cared for reviews
  • Pathway Plan reviews
  • Chair Disruption meetings for children and young people whose  long term placements broke down and Chair Level 2 Meetings (Pan Cheshire Protocol) for children missing from home/ care
  • contributions to audits, portfolio reading and tracking events

The Annual Report of the Cared for IRO team (PDF, 453KB) is a reflective account of their activity in 2019-2020 which outlines their involvement and challenge in ensuring good outcomes for children in our care.

Child Protection IROs

Become involved when there are significant risks to a child or young person and a multi agency child protection plan is required, CP IROs chair:

  • child protection conferences
  • contextual safeguarding conferences
  • harmful sexual behaviour conferences (AIM2)
  • Level 2 Meetings (Pan Cheshire Protocol) for children missing from home
  • undertake significant audit activity 

Contact information 

Independent Reviewing Officers contact information
NameEmail and phone number  

Kate Rose

Head of Safeguarding

01606 288076

Karen Chan

Safeguarding Manager
Cared for Children

01606 274973

07711 230512

Susanne Leece

Safeguarding Manager
Children in Need / Child 
Protection / LADO

01606 288939

Victor Aturinda

Independent Reviewing

07816 593090

Dawn Alexander

Independent Reviewing

07971 397326


Lisa Cook

Independent Reviewing 

01606 288986

Rachel Riley

Independent Reviewing

07966 824240

Angela Ford 

Independent Reviewing

07816 593101

Ian Martin

Independent Reviewing

07816 593015

Allison Pearson

Independent Reviewing


Kevin Tang

Independent Reviewing

07901 114875

Rachel Kenyon

Independent Reviewing

07970 768560

Barbara Banks

Independent Reviewing Officer
Child Protection

07794 429819

Jenny Brown

Independent Reviewing Officer
Child Protection

07889 185981

Michelle McPherson

Independent Reviewing Officer
Child Protection

07789 271211

Katherine Pitchers

Independent Reviewing Officer
Child Protection

01606 288934

Local Authority Designated

01606 288931


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