Family Help

We offer Help and support when families need some extra help and support to keep their children safe and well.

In Cheshire East, we use Signs of Wellbeing at Early Help to make sure that children, young people and families are at the centre of decision making, as families are the experts on what works for them.

Families can be supported through Extra and Targeted Family Help support by a range of professionals. This means that families can be supported by people that already work with them and know them. This can include professionals in health, education e.g. Teachers, and Family help Workers.

All families receiving support will have a ‘Lead Professional’. The Lead Professional is the main person that works with the family and keeps them updated, and they are responsible for holding meetings bringing everyone together, recording discussions in assessments and plans, and making sure the plan is working for the child/ young person.   

Extra and Family Help support involves

  • Assessing what support families need: The Lead Professional will complete an assessment with the family to understand what is going well, what people are worried about, and what support the family needs to achieve their goals.  
  • Creating a plan and checking how well it is working: The Lead Professional will support the family to create a plan that works for them so the family has the support and help they need. Everyone will check that the plan is working so we know that we will get to our goal. 

Early help leaflets for children, young people and families

Page last reviewed: 08 September 2023

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