Attendance and children out of education

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We want school aged children to be safe and to receive an education. 

We provide extensive information on school attendance and punctuality, children missing education and children missing out on education and elective home education. We supply information to parents and employers about legal implications of children being in employment and issuing licenses to and safeguarding participation of school aged children in entertainment.

Contact us

01270 375281 – Business Support - / PN Unauthorised Attendances / Court (amendment)

01270 375266  – Business Support - PN  Holiday Fines /  CME (amendment) 

01270 685943 – Business Support – Children Missing Education

01625 374761 – Business Support –  EHE

01270 375255 – Business Support –  CME (additional details)

01270 686199 – Business Support - Entertainment and Employment 

The Education Welfare Service
Floor 2
Delamere House
c/o Municipal Buildings
Earle Street

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