Education of children and young people with medical needs

Some children and young people are unable to attend normal full time schooling for medical reasons. 

Schools may need to seek the support of the local authority for pupils, who are temporarily unable to attend school and who:

  • are physically ill
  • are injured
  • have mental health problems

Accessing the Medical Needs Service

Parents can ask their child's school for support from the Medical Needs Service.

Schools can make referrals to the Medical Needs Service using the Medical Needs Referral form (MN1A). Schools fill in Part A and this must be supported by medical evidence (Part B) from one of the following health professionals:

  • consultant paediatrician or adolescent psychiatrist
  • consultant child psychiatrist
  • hospital consultant

We cannot accept supporting evidence from a General Practitioner alone. The health professional will need to complete Part B of the referral form and return it to the referring school. Parts A and B should be sent from the school to the service either via secure email or post.

We discuss the referrals we receive at an allocations meeting (held fortnightly during term time). If the case meets the criteria set out in our policy the student will be allocated a tutor and a member of the team will contact you to arrange an initial meeting with all parties and put the tuition in place.

Schools can find further information about the Medical Needs Service on ChESS. 

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Page last reviewed: 15 September 2021