School admissions

September 2019 applications

From 1 September 2018 you can apply online to:

  • start school in reception in September 2019, or
  • transfer to secondary school in Year 7, for September 2019.

Before making an application it is very important that you read our booklet Applying for School Places 2019-20, which explains the process and how places are allocated. 

The closing dates for applications are:

  • Primary 2019 intake - 15 January 2019
  • Secondary transfer 2019 intake - 31 October 2018 

Please note for 2019 applications: If you are not resident in Cheshire East, but live in another English Local Authority, you must apply via your home local authority even if your preference is for a Cheshire East school. If you are resident in Northern Ireland, Scotland, Wales, or outside of the UK you may apply direct to Cheshire East using this application form.  Information for overseas residents is available on our Advice and Guidance  page.

Apply online

For details about how we may use information from your applications, please see our admissions data protection statement below.

Walking routes to school: The Council is continuing its review of walking routes to school that are classed as ‘unavailable’. A walking route is only classed as available if it is a route along which a child, accompanied as necessary, can walk with reasonable safety to school. For information about walking routes to school, including; proposed changes, consultation and decisions agreed by the Council, please follow this link - .

Mainstream education

In Cheshire East we have 124 mainstream primary schools and 23 mainstream secondary schools. The different types of schools include community and voluntary controlled schools, foundation and voluntary aided schools and academies.

School type
Type of schoolPrimarySecondary
Academies 55  15
Community schools 37 4
Foundation schools 2 1
Free school - 1
Studio school (14-19) - 1
University Technical College (14-19)  - 1
Voluntary aided schools 21 -
Voluntary controlled schools 9 -

Information about all these schools is published in our  information booklets.

In Year admissions

Applications for school places ‘in year’ are for admission after the first day of the school year into any year group. You will need to complete our In Year Application form, which will be forwarded to your schools of choice.  Alternatively hard copies of the application form can be found in the "In Year Admissions" booklet or contact 0300 123 5012.

If you wish to apply for a school in another local authority, you will need to contact the relevant authority to find out how to make an application.

Legal right of appeal

Parents who have been unsuccessful with a school preference have a legal right of appeal.  Appeals applications should be submitted to the relevant  admission authority .

Special Educational Needs

Most children with Special Educational Needs or Disabilities (SEND) can have their needs met within local mainstream provision.  However, for some children a specialist provision is need. If your child has special educational needs or a disability, more information available is on our  Special Educational Needs and Disability page

Data Protection

Any personal or sensitive information that you give to us will be held in accordance with the Data Protection Legislation. For details about how we may use your information please see our admissions data protection statement (PDF, 82KB) 

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