School organisation in Cheshire East

As the Strategic Commissioner of school places the Local Authority has a statutory duty to ensure that there are sufficient places in its schools to meet the demands for residents in its area. 

Local authorities and schools can make proposals in relation to school organisation. The Department for Education has provided school organisation guidance for both proposers and decision makers.

Decisions on School Organisation changes proposed by the Local Authority for maintained provision will be made in accordance with the Local Authority’s agreed decision-making procedure.This process was approved by Cabinet at a meeting held on 27 May 2014.

Decisions on School Organisation proposals for academies/free schools will be made by the relevant trust.  The Local authority will only support expansion as identified and proposed through the framework.  The Local Authority will need to make the decision on capital funding to support the expansion so joint working is essential to ensure the best outcome is achieved that meets local need.

School organisation framework

The School Organisation Framework is a key document in the strategic planning and provision of school places. Through working in partnership Cheshire East will manage the demand for places and the organisation of school provision to ensure that every child and young person has access to the best educational opportunities.

Current school proposals

Recent school expansions

If you require information on expansions prior to the ones listed above please contact