Bin collection days

Your bins are emptied on the same day each week. Your recycling and garden bins are emptied one week and the non-recyclable waste bin on the following week on a 2 week cycle.

You will usually have 3 bins: a recycling bin, a garden bin and a non-recyclable waste bin. To find out what goes into each bin or how to dispose of things like batteries, engine oil, needles and syringes see our page on what waste goes where.

You can see which bins we empty on which days on our bin collection calendar.

Check your bin collection day on your calendar

You should place your bins beside the road at the edge of your property by 6.30 am on your bin collection day. You should return your bins to your own property as soon as possible after they have been emptied.

If there is a disruption to bin collections we will put this on our Twitter feed.

Bin collection points

If you are in Crewe and we can't empty your bin from the edge of your property, you may need to take your bin to a bin collection point.

Find your nearest bin collection point in Crewe

We won't collect additional waste or recycling left beside your bin.

For waste that won't fit inside your bin you can:

Page last reviewed: 14 November 2022