Council services during the COVID-19 outbreak

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Recycling and bin collections

Check your bin collection day


We will maintain your bin collection service for as long as we can.

You can help by:

  • putting out your bins as usual
  • wiping the handles and lids of your bins when you put your bins out and when you bring then in
  • parking your vehicles so that our wagons and emergency services can get through safely

COVID-19 precautions

In households where someone has a confirmed or suspected case (who are self isolating) of  COVID-19 put your household waste into a plastic bag and tie it up when it full. The put this plastic bag of waste into a second bag and tie that up too.

This is waste such as used tissues and disposable cloths from cleaning surfaces. Tissues and disposable cloths;  

  1. Should be put in a plastic rubbish bag and tied when full.
  2. The plastic bag should then be placed in a second bin bag and tied.
  3. It should be put in a suitable and secure place and marked for storage until the individual’s test results are known.

You should store the waste for 72 hours before putting it out for collection.

This is to minimise the risk to collection operatives of being in contact with any waste that may infect them or exposing the atmosphere during the collections process.

For further information on the national guidance visit

Bin collection details

Your bins are emptied on the same day each week. Your recycling and garden bins are emptied one week and the non-recyclable waste bin on the following week on a 2 week cycle.

You will usually have 3 bins: a recycling bin, a garden bin and a non-recyclable waste bin. See our page on what waste goes where

You can see which bins we empty on which days on our bin collection calendar.

Check your bin collection day on your calendar

You should place your bins beside the road at the edge of your property by 6.30 am on your bin collection day. You should return your bins to your own property as soon as possible after they have been emptied.

We won't collect additional waste or recycling left beside your bin. 

For waste that won't fit inside your bin you can:

Missed bin collections

You can report a missed bin up to two weeks after the day it should have been collected. 

If our bin collection crews tried to empty your bin but couldn’t, we will give the the reason on the screen. You will be able to submit your report if the crew have genuinely missed your bin collection.

Report a missed bin collection 

We cannot empty your bin if

  • your bin isn’t on the kerbside collection point by 6:30am on the day of collection
  • the bin lid cannot close 
    It must be closed so the collection crew can safely attach the bin onto the vehicle for emptying
  • the wrong bin was put out
    You can check which bins will be emptied on which days on our bin collection calendar
  • the bin was put out on the wrong day
    You can check which day your bins will be emptied on our bin collection calendar. This may have changed on the 4 November 2019.
  • the bin is too heavy
    The bin and contents must not weigh more than 90kg. You can take additional waste to a Household Waste and Recycling Centre
  • there is non-recyclable waste in the recycling bin
    See our page on what waste goes where
  • we cannot access your property 
    for example, due to road works – for this reason we will try again within five days

If your bin was missed for one of these reasons we will empty your bin on the next bin collection day for that bin.

If you bin was not emptied for another reason you can report a missed bin collection. 

Report a missed bin collection 

Request a bin

Covid-19 update. We are suspending bin deliveries for new and replacement bins due to the current pressure on the waste collection service.

If you do not have bins:

  • Black bin (non-recyclable) - Place your waste out on your collection day in tied black bags
  • Silver bin (recycling) – Place your recycling out on your collection day in a clear sack
  • Brown/green (garden/food) – Do not place any garden/food waste out

We are temporarily suspending bin deliveries to focus on key frontline collections. Please bear with us.

Difficulty putting out your bins

If you have difficulty moving your bins you can apply for an assisted bin collection service.

We will provide the service for a fixed period. After this time, you can re-apply. We may withdraw this service at any time if we believe you are no longer eligible.

When you apply for this service, we may ask you for proof that you are eligible.

You won't be eligible for the assisted bin collection service if you live with someone who is 16 years old or older who could put out your bins.

Apply for an assisted bin collection service

We will start your assisted bin collections on the next bin collection day if you are eligible, as long as the collection isn't on the same day you applied.

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