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Current consultations

Protecting your environment and infrastructure funding

The Environmental Protection  SPD and Recovery of Forward Funded Infrastructure Costs  SPD have both been published for consultation between the 18 October 2021 and 29 November 2021. To find out more, make or view representations, please visit the Strategic Planning consultation portal below.

Please submit your representations by midnight on the 29 November 2021.

Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment 

A community pharmacy offers services such as dispensing medicines and offering advice and practical help on keeping healthy. We would be grateful if you could answer some questions about your own experience and views. It is helpful to us if you complete the survey even if you don’t use them. 

Your views will help inform our Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment which will look at the pharmacy needs of the local population and ensures that community pharmacy services are provided in the right place, and meet the needs of the communities they serve both now and in the future. 

If you have difficulties in accessing or completing this survey for any reason, staff are available at your local library that will be able to assist. Limited paper versions of the survey are also available there. If you cannot access a library and you cannot complete the form online, please contact our Customer Service team on 0300 123 5024 for help completing this survey. 

If you have any questions about this survey, or about the Pharmaceutical Needs Assessment in general, please contact our Public Health Intelligence Team at

Please submit your response by 6 December 2021. Analysis of the responses will be undertaken, and a summary report will be written which will be published on Cheshire East Council Website.

Final Draft HousingSPD

Consultation took place between the 26 April 2021 and the 7 June 2021 on the initial draft Housing Supplementary Planning Document. The final draft has now been published to provide further guidance on the implementation of policies in the Local Plan, including policies SC4 'residential mix', SC5 'affordable homes' and SC6 'rural exceptions housing for local needs’ of the Local Plan Strategy. You can respond by:

Alternatively, you can download this Final Draft Housing Comments Form (PDF, 205 KB) and return it by email or by post to the relevant address above.

Representations are invited on the Final Draft Housing SPD until 22 December 2021.

Hackney Carriage and Private Hire Licensing Policy Consultation

In July 2020 the Department for Transport (DfT) published its statutory guidance regarding Taxi and Private Hire Vehicles Standards.  This document sets out the minimum standards for licensing authorities to apply with regards to certain aspects of taxi licensing.  Licensing authorities are under a legal duty, under section 177 of the Police and Crime Act 2017, to have regards to the guidance and to reflect it in their taxi licensing policies and procedures.

In advance of such review, Cheshire East Council is undertaking a public consultation to seek the views of existing licence holders, potential licence holders, stake holders and the wider public on the draft policy document.

Please submit your feedback by 24 December 2021.

Emergency AssistanCE Scheme Review 2021

In 2013 the council introduced its Emergency AssistanCE scheme. The scheme is designed to support vulnerable people facing immediate hardship, to prevent homelessness, and to keep families together. The scheme provides rent deposits, furniture, white goods and emergency food to help those in need. 

Full details on the current scheme can be found at

To ensure the scheme is meeting need and providing value for money a review of it is being undertaken by the Benefits Team and the council's Corporate Policy Committee. The review is being undertaken to ensure that the right advice and guidance is provided to people who might be facing an emergency.

Please feed back your views on this review by 2 January 2022.

Budget Engagement 2022 to 2026

The council's budget planning and engagement cycle is continuous - it happens every year and goes on all year round. The council has published a budget engagement documents, which outlines the key financial issues that we need to tackle for 2022 to 2026, including those that relate to the ongoing pandemic. It also includes our proposed response to these financial challenges and our plans for spending next year. 

We would now like your feedback on this document. 

Please submit your feedback by 4 January 2022

Draft Jodrell Bank Observatory SPD 

Jodrell Bank is a World Heritage Site and a working observatory, at the cutting edge of astrophysics research. In the area around Jodrell Bank there is a need to ensure that new development does not harm the unique heritage of the site or interfere with the telescopes and prevent the observatory from carrying out its work. The draft JBO SPD provides further guidance on how applicants should consider the impact of their proposals on Jodrell Bank and how they can demonstrate they have met the criteria of local plan policies.

All information can be found on our supplementary planning documents webpage.  To make representations:

Representations are invited on the Draft Jodrell Bank Observatory SPD until the 12 January 2022.

Cheshire East All Age Carers Strategy

Caring for a family member or friend, unpaid, is a vital, valuable and important contribution to the delivery of adult social care and health services. You are the expert in care for those you look after, and we are asking you to help us finalise the new All Age Carers Strategy (2021-2025).

At the moment the strategy is still in the process of being co-produced, we are engaging with lots of carers to ensure everyone has the opportunity to have their say. This particular survey aims to gain your views on the overall vision and priorities within the draft strategy.

Please feed back your views by 17 January 2022. Once the consultation closes, we will analyse all responses, and publish a summary report of them online on our consultation webpages, and make changes to the strategy where needed in light of the feedback received. We are also planning a shorter executive summary to supplement the main strategy.

On-going consultations

Cheshire East active travel - have a say on your town!

We are looking to make the towns in Cheshire East more accessible by improving walking and cycling facilities. These improvements are taking place in two tranches (or phases).

The consultation on the Tranche 2 proposals within Crewe, Macclesfield, Congleton and Wilmslow and the update to the Tranche 1 scheme proposed in Sandbach is now closed. Your feedback on the schemes is being collated and analysed and will be made available on the councils Active Travel webpage. A consultation report will be produced on the Tranche 2 schemes which will help to inform how the Department of Transport funding can be best spent within Cheshire East. The consultation ran from 3 February 2021 to 11:59pm on 3 March 2021.

The consultation for other Tranche 1 schemes is ongoing and we want to hear your comments.

Countryside parks and rangers service

If you have recently attended one of the Ranger Service events or visited one of the sites we manage, we really want to hear from you. Please help us to improve our sites and events by completing our two surveys.


Search for individual planning applications to make your comments.


Consult on license applications for sale of alcohol, entertainment, gambling premises and street trading and others.

Public notices

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