The Digital Influence Panel

The digital influence panel is an opportunity to work with us and share your views and experiences on any one of a range of subjects affecting Cheshire East.

The panel is designed to be flexible and convenient to you. Once you join, you will be invited to take part in online consultations there may also be some opportunities to be involved in focus groups . You will not be expected to participate in every consultation – only the ones that you feel relevant to you or would like to give us your opinion about.

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Sign up here if you would like to become a member of the Digital Influence Panel.

Why the panel is online only and what happens to the results 

Participation in activities online is kinder to the environment and helps keep costs low. The Council has to make paper surveys available for certain types of statutory consultations and will do so for larger consultation activities also but unfortunately we do no have the funding to run all consultations in this way. If you do not have your own computer public internet can be accessed at Cheshire East libraries.

By completing our surveys you can help inform a range of locally directed work, review changes we have made or help us set out future priorities and plans. Reports that have been publicised can be found on our consultation results page.


Page last reviewed: 19 July 2023