Local validation checklists

The Council is obliged to review its Local Validation Checklist for Planning Applications so they are up to date and reflect current planning policies in accordance with National Guidance.

These checklists ensure that the Council has the right level of information submitted with planning applications at the start of the process and helps to make sure that the information requested is proportionate to the type and scale of application being made.

The Council has therefore prepared and updated its four draft validation checklists - householder, general, minerals and waste checklists alongside policy justification and a validation matrix for consultation. The checklists are also accompanied by a ‘Planning Local Validation Checklists Guidance’ document which provides further information on what the Council expects from applicants when they prepare their planning application for submission.

The draft documents will be presented to Council’s Environment and Communities Committee.

It is open to all for comment, although will be of particular interest for applicants and agents who regularly submit planning applications.

The consultation period is open for 4 weeks and closes on 11 March 2024.

Consultation of Draft Local Validation Checklists

Draft Local Validation Checklist for comment:

Comments can be made on the Planning policy consultation portal.

Page last reviewed: 12 February 2024