Basford Employment Areas

Basford East and Basford West are major allocations of employment land to the south of Crewe on either side of the West Coast main railway line. Development of these sites is seen as crucial to the future prosperity of this part of Cheshire East.

Basford Development Briefs

Development Briefs for Basford East and Basford West were adopted by Crewe and Nantwich Borough Council in April 2004 as a Supplementary Planning Guidance Notes.  The briefs have been been prepared to:

  1. Guide the innovative, high quality and sustainable development of the employment sites at Basford, in line with the Structure Plan and Local Plan policies, Regional Planning Guidance and the objectives of the Regional Economic Strategy.
  2. Set out a coherent strategy detailing how individual development phases can be developed, and providing clear guidance regarding the disposition of land uses, mix of uses, strategic approach to landscape design, phasing and other planning considerations.
  3. Inspire better and more imaginative architecture through general and specific design guidance.
  4. Deliver a sustainable transport strategy to promote accessibility and local permeability by ensuring that the opportunity for access to the sites by foot, cycle, rail (passengers and freight), and public transport is provided.
  5. Ensure that the Regional role of the Basford sites is carried forward.

Basford West Development Brief Downloads:

Basford East Development Brief Downloads:

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