Planning guidance and development briefs

The following planning guidance documents have been adopted or approved. These documents are not part of the local plan but may be material considerations when making planning decisions (the weight to be given to the older documents will depend on their consistency with current policies). Please note that documents adopted or approved by one of the former councils are relevant only to the area previously covered by the council that adopted them. The map of former districts shows the areas covered by each former council.

Planning guidance
Royal London Development Framework (PDF, 9.4MB) Planning guidance Approved October 2017 Cheshire East Council
Bentley Motors Development Framework and Masterplan (PDF, 3.6MB) Planning guidance Approved May 2017 Cheshire East Council
Alderley Park Development Brief (PDF, 3.6MB) Planning guidance Approved June 2015 Cheshire East Council
Audlem Village Design Statement and Landscape Character Assessment (PDF, 348KB) Planning guidance Approved December 2011 Cheshire East Council
Odd Rode Village Design Statement (PDF, 5.0MB) Planning guidance Approved April 2011 Odd Rode Parish Council
Bunbury Village Design Statement (PDF, 2.0MB) Planning guidance Approved July 2009 Cheshire East Council
Macclesfield Town Centre Comprehensive Redevelopment Strategy (PDF, 1.9MB) Planning guidance Approved November 2008 Former Macclesfield Borough Council
The Informal Congleton Town Centre Plan (part 1) (PDF, 6.5MB) and The Informal Congleton Town Centre Plan (part 2) (PDF, 6.3MB) Planning guidance Adopted July 2008 Former Congleton Borough Council
Oakdene Court Wilmslow Development Brief (PDF, 2.2MB) Planning guidance Adopted March 2008 Former Macclesfield Borough Council
Blue Zone Macclesfield District General Hospital Development Brief (PDF, 5.7MB) Planning guidance Adopted November 2007 Former Macclesfield Borough Council
Replacement Dwellings (Guidance for Developers) Planning guidance Approved October 2006 Former Macclesfield Borough Council
Floodlighting for Sporting Activities (PDF, 181KB) SPG  note Adopted April 2005 Former Macclesfield Borough Council
Equestrian facilities (PDF, 366KB) SPG  note Adopted January 2005 Former Macclesfield Borough Council
Developers' Brief for Macclesfield Town Centre (PDF, 4.8MB) Planning guidance Adopted January 2005 Former Macclesfield Borough Council
Telecommunications Development (PDF, 59KB) SPG  note Adopted July 2004  Former Congleton Borough Council 
Dingle Bank Quarry (PDF, 1.6MB) SPG  note Adopted July 2004 Former Macclesfield Borough Council
Housing Character Areas (The Three Wilmslow Parks) (PDF, 873KB) SPG  note Adopted July 2004 Former Macclesfield Borough Council
Basford Development Briefs SPG  note Adopted April 2004 Former Borough of Crewe and Nantwich Council
Trees & Development Guidelines (PDF, 3.2MB) SPG  note Adopted February 2004 Former Macclesfield Borough Council
Areas of Archaeological Potential (PDF, 1.3MB) SPG  note Adopted February 2004 Former Macclesfield Borough Council
Public Open Space (PDF, 83KB) SPG  note Adopted October 2003 Former Congleton Borough Council  
Tipkinder Park Supplementary Planning Guidance (PDF, 108KB) and associated Location Plan (PDF, 439KB)Existing Uses Plan (PDF, 333KB) and Preferred Option Plan (PDF, 1.1MB) SPG  note  Adopted February 2003  Former Borough of Crewe and Nantwich Council
Shopfronts and Security Shutters Guide (PDF, 691KB) SPG  note Adopted January 2003 Former Macclesfield Borough Council
Stamford Lodge Development Brief (PDF, 4.1MB) SPG  note  Adopted December 2002  Former Macclesfield Borough Council
Rieter Scragg, Langley Development Brief (PDF, 6.4MB) SPG  note Adopted January 2000 Former Macclesfield Borough Council
ERF Site, Sandbach (PDF, 5.0MB) SPG  note Adopted September 1999 Former Congleton Borough Council
Victoria Park Estate & Surrounding Area Development Brief (PDF, 3.3MB) SPG  note Adopted March 1999 Former Macclesfield Borough Council
South Macclesfield Development Area (PDF, 4.1MB) SPG  note Adopted December 1998 Former Macclesfield Borough Council
Cranage Hall (PDF, 2.6MB) SPG  note Adopted September 1996 Former Congleton Borough Council
Shop Front Security (PDF, 352KB) SPG  note Adopted September 1994 Former Congleton Borough Council
Provision of Private Open Space (PDF, 230KB) SPG  note Adopted November 1993 Former Congleton Borough Council
Sandbach Business Park (PDF, 908KB) SPG  note Adopted October 1989

Former Congleton Borough Council

Tytherington Business Park (PDF, 2.5MB) SPG  note Adopted April 1989 Former Macclesfield Borough Council

Further planning guidance

In addition to the guidance listed, a number of Supplementary Planning Documents have also been adopted. Some further planning information is also available, giving additional information on various aspects of the built environment and the planning system.

The planning policy documents index provides a list of all planning policy documents.

Page last reviewed: 22 March 2024