Flood risk management

Local authorities have regulatory powers relation to flood risk management and are responsible for managing flood risk from surface water, ground water, and ordinary watercourses. We also work with other organisations and people to manage flood risk from all sources across Cheshire East. 

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As a regulatory body (Lead Local Flood Authority), we have a duty to manage flood risk from surface water, groundwater and ordinary watercourses. An ordinary watercourse is any watercourse that is not a  main river managed by the Environment Agency.

Responsibilities include:

  • co-ordinating the management of flood risk from these sources across Cheshire East, bringing together all the relevant organisations and individuals

To tackle flood risk in an integrated way across the region, we are a member of the  Cheshire Mid-Mersey local authority partnership.

We work in partnership with organisations and individuals responsible for managing flood risk from other sources. These include:

  • the Environment Agency -  main rivers, reservoirs, estuaries and the sea
  • United Utilities - sewerage systems
  • the Canal and River Trust
  • businesses, householders and community groups 

We assess flood risk across the borough as part of our duty to take flood risk into account in the planning and development process. For reports and other documents, see strategic flood risk assessment. For details about the requirements for sustainable drainage in new planning applications, see surface water management and new developments

Our Flood Risk Management Strategy considers measures to help reduce flood risk, from better planning of new development to ensuring emergency responders understand where the greatest risks are.The goal of the strategy is to make sure that flooding is managed effectively and addressed according to the level of risk.

The strategy includes:

  • an assessment of flood risk
  • the roles and responsibilities of everyone involved, including householders and community groups
  • flood risk maps

See  Flood Risk Management Strategy (PDF, 4.2MB).

To find out what flood risk management schemes and activities are happening in your area, see the Flood Hub .

You are responsible for protecting your own property from floods. See the Flood Hub to find out what you can do to prepare for floods and protect your property and the people in it. We don't normally provide sandbags.

People with watercourses on or near to their land have particular flood risk management responsibilities. See owning a watercourse.

We are compiling a register of all physical features and structures in Cheshire East that help manage the risk of flooding (flood risk management assets). 

Flood risk management assets can be any natural or man-made structure or feature, such as walls,drains, ditches, buildings, earth embankments, shingle banks, or raised areas of land.

GOV.UK gives information about the  flood asset designation process.

For information about the Cheshire East flood risk asset register or about an asset on your property, email: flood.investigation@cheshireeast.gov.uk

Page last reviewed: 03 June 2019