We work to provide assistance where it is most needed during flood events.

Following a period of adverse weather including heavy and persistent rain, snow and ice across the borough we are still experiencing high groundwater levels and saturated land. We are continuing to prioritise our response to emergency incidents.

If there is a risk to life please dial 999.

You should call us on 0300 123 5020 during working hours or out of working hours on 0300 123 5025 to report any issues that present an immediate danger or could impact on a residential property or business.

Storm Christoph brought a months worth of rain to Cheshire over 48hours in January. In February a months worth of rain fell in 24hours over Wales.

Have you can check the flood risk at your home or business? Visit the FloodHub for more information.

Flooding advice

The gov.uk website and flood hub provide guidance on how to prepare for flooding, along with how to get help during and after the flood event.

If it is an emergency and there is danger to life as a result of flooding you should call 999.

Flooding: key tasks

  • Do not walk or drive through floodwater.  Stay safe and dial 999 if you need emergency assistance.
  • Flood water is often contaminated so discard or wash and disinfect anything that comes in contact with flood water
  • Do not lift manholes or attempt to access drainage systems unless authorised to do so. You could be putting yourself or others in danger and diverting floodwater.

Flood Risk

If you live in a flood risk area, you need to understand that risk and plan for flooding. Have an action plan ready in the event of flooding and ensure that your property has the correct insurance, flood resilience and resistance measures in place.

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