Flood incident investigations and reports

We review any reported flooding where people or property, businesses or critical infrastructure were involved. If the impact of the flood was significant, we do a formal flood investigation.

To ask us to review a internal property flooding, you can contact the flood investigation team.

Formal flood investigations

The purpose of a formal flood investigation is to:

  • Identify who has relevant flood risk management functions, and
  • Investigate whether each of those risk management authorities has exercised, or is proposing to exercise, those functions in response to the flood.
  • The results will be published and data shared with other flood risk management authorities. These include United Utilities and the Environment Agency

Flood reviews where a formal investigation is not needed

Where we review a flood and find a formal investigation is not needed, we share our findings with the person who asked for the review and with other flood risk management authorities and relevant landowners. We also record the review to help us make decisions about future flood risk management. 

Flood review and investigation timescales

Where we have a number of flooding incidents to investigate, we look first at those where the potential risk to the community as a whole is highest. We publish reports in a timely manner.

Current flood investigations

Contact us on 0300 123 5500 or Flood.Investigation@cheshireeast.gov.uk to report flooding at your property on any date or in any location within Cheshire East, or to submit photographic or video evidence of flooding to aid investigations.

Past flood incident investigations

To protect confidentiality, we remove personal/property details from flood reports.

Page last reviewed: 08 March 2024