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Speech and Language Therapy, Occupational Therapy and Physiotherapy are provided by integrated teams in the following areas:

  • Eastern Cheshire  CCG area services provided by East Cheshire NHS Trust
  • South Cheshire  CCG area services provided by Central Cheshire Integrated Care Partnership (CCICP). 

The Speech and Language Therapy Service for children/young people provides high quality specialist assessment and evidenced based interventions for children and young people from birth to 16 years of age (up to 19 years for individuals that have severe communication needs and attend a special school within the  CCG area).

The Speech and Language Therapists work with children and young people with a range of speech, language, communication difficulties and/or dysphagia (swallowing). The service works in partnership with children/young people and their families and with other professionals and agencies to prevent or reduce the impact of these often isolating difficulties on children’s health and wellbeing, educational attainment and their ability to participate in daily life.

Paediatric Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy Services provide targeted specialist intervention for children and young people from birth to 16 years of age (up to 19 years for those with severe neurodevelopmental needs).

The services help children to achieve their maximum physical and functional potential. Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists help with mobility and independent life skills at home and at school. Children/young people are seen in a location suitable for their needs and the intervention required; this could be at home, nursery, school or in a clinic.

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