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NHS continuing healthcare provides funding for adults (over age 18). To be eligible for NHS continuing healthcare, you must be assessed by a team of healthcare professionals (a "multi-disciplinary team") as having a "primary health need". Whether or not someone has a primary health need is assessed by looking at all their care needs and relating them to:

  • what help is needed
  • how complex these needs are
  • how intense or severe these needs can be
  • how unpredictable they are, including any risks to the person's health if the right care isn't provided at the right time

Eligibility for NHS continuing healthcare depends on assessed needs, and not on any particular diagnosis or condition.

Children and young people (under age 18) are not eligible for NHS continuing healthcare funding but may receive a 'continuing care package' if they have health needs arising from disability, accident or illness that can’t be met by existing universal or specialist services alone. 

Page last reviewed: 05 February 2020

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