Flood risk

Flooding is a natural process and rivers will naturally spill out onto their floodplains during periods of extended or intense rainfall. Flooding becomes a hazard when flood water shares the same space as people and property.

Flood risk areas are those areas at risk of flooding from any source, now or in the future. Sources include rivers, direct rainfall on the ground surface, rising groundwater, overwhelmed sewers and drainage systems, reservoirs, canals, lakes and other artificial sources.

Many floods in Cheshire East are a result of heavy rainfall causing surface water flooding and capacity issues on smaller watercourses, main rivers and sewer systems. After long periods of wet weather, many areas within Cheshire East are also prone to groundwater flooding.

If you are buying a house, extending your home or making a planning application, please check your flood risk. Remember to check both the flood risk from rivers or the sea and the flood risk from surface water for a full picture of risk at your location.

A number of strategic flood risk reports are created by the Council for the use in regional spatial planning and flood mitigation, see strategic flood risk assessment and Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment.

Flood warnings

Sign up for flood warnings, at GOV.UK

For Met Office weather warnings and advice

Key flooding contact details

Before a flood: The FloodHub  provides guidance on how to create a flood plan and protect your property from flooding.

During a flood: Always contact the emergency services (999) if you or a family member is in immediate danger.

Following a flood: Please contact us on 0300 123 5500 or Flood.Investigation@cheshireeast.gov.uk to report flooding at your property on any date or in any location within Cheshire East, or to submit photographic or video evidence of flooding to aid investigations.

Page last reviewed: 11 November 2022