Preliminary flood risk assessment

This report has been prepared to assist Cheshire East Council in meeting its duties to manage local flood risk and deliver the requirements of the Flood Risk Regulations (2009) and the Floods and Water Management Act (2010). Cheshire East Council is defined as a Lead Local Flood Authority (LLFA) under the Regulations, and has a number of Duties under the recent legislation.  The Preliminary Flood Risk Assessment (PFRA), comprising this document and the supporting spreadsheet, represents the first stage of the requirements of the Regulations.

The PFRA process is aimed at providing a high level overview of flood risk from local flood sources, including surface water, groundwater, Ordinary Watercourses and canals.  The methodology for producing this PFRA has been based on the Environment Agency’s Final PFRA Guidance and Defra’s Guidance on selecting Flood Risk Areas.

The Sustainable Communities Scrutiny Committee considered the PFRA report on 7 July 2011.  The main document and all appendices can be downloaded from the Minutes of the Sustainable Communities Scrutiny Committee.

The preliminary flood risk assessment (PFRA) and flood risk areas (FRAs) for Cheshire East Council were reviewed during 2017, using all relevant current flood risk data and information. This was approved for issue by the Environment Agency early 2018.

This addendum by Cheshire East Council (2017) updates the council’s preliminary flood risk assessment report published in 2011. Read the addendum in conjunction with the preliminary assessment report.

The addendum to the original document is hosted on