NHS App with MyCareView

The NHS App is now available for everyone in Cheshire. For some GP practices it will also provide you with access to hospital information and services.

It is a convenient smartphone app, created by NHS Digital, designed to be the only health app you’ll need in order to manage your health and wellbeing online.

When your GP surgery is ready, you will be able to use it to access your hospital information, if you’ve received care at Macclesfield or Leighton Hospital.

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See more about how the NHS App fits in with the MyCareView initiative in Cheshire East:

You’ll be able to:

New for Cheshire patients - see your hospital appointments and letters

View any appointments and see any letters you may have from Leighton or Macclesfield Hospital.

Book and cancel appointments

Book, view and cancel appointments at your GP surgery.

View your records

Access your GP medical and hospital records, if you've received care at either Macclesfield or Leighton Hospitals.

Order repeat prescriptions

See your available medicines and place an order.

Check and record your symptoms

Find trusted NHS information on hundreds of conditions and treatments and get instant advice.

Register your organ donation decision

Choose to donate some or all of your organs and check your registered decision.

Access results and information about your care from your GP

Access results and information about your care from your GP and hospital.

The NHS App gives you more control over your health and care

You can use it wherever you are, at any time of the day or night.

As it is integrated with the MyCareView Patient Portal in Cheshire East, you will be able to access your hospital information alongside your GP information; giving you more control, confidence, convenience, and consistency in your care than ever before.

Owned and run by the NHS

The app is designed and operated by the NHS in England to give you access to a range of services.

The MyCareView Patient Portal is built by UK-based healthcare software company Patients Know Best (PKB), in partnership with NHS England, and the Cheshire East Partnership (which includes local NHS organisations and Cheshire East Council).

Ask your GP surgery about their plans to introduce the NHS App with the MyCareView Patient Portal.

Get started with the NHS App

Get started with the NHS App:

  • 1. Download the NHS App from the iOS App Store or the Google Play store
  • 2. Login to the NHS App with your NHS details
  • 3. Select: “Appointments”
  • 4. Select: “Hospital and other appointments”
  • 5. Select: “View appointments”
  • 6. Select "Continue"
  • 7. Agree to share your NHS information
  • 8. Create login details for Patients Know Best
  • 9. Review and agree your sharing settings
  • 10. You’re all set

You’ll get an email notification whenever something happens on your MyCareView Patient Portal, such as a new appointment.

Tips to make the most of the NHS App with MyCareView

Tips to make the most of the NHS App with MyCareView

  • Your appointments, symptoms and health information are all easily available once you log in.
  • Communications and letters from your clinical team are found by selecting "Messages" and "Consultations, events and messages".
  • You can find more links to services and resources to help your health and wellbeing by selecting “Your Health” and “Shared health links”.

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