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MyCareView Patient Portal

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Patients Know Best is the company that developed the software MyCareView Patient Portal uses. Find out more about Patients Know Best.

You control who can see the data in your record. Patients Know Best provides the infrastructure for this service, but as a company cannot see any of your data, it just stores the data for you and your health care professionals to access. As this record is yours for life, you can also add your own documents and update your information.

If you’re a patient at East Cheshire NHS Trust (ECT):

  • Hospital appointments since December 2018
  • Inpatient stays since December 2018
  • Radiology appointment letters

If you’re a patient at Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust (MCHFT):

  • Hospital (face-to-face) appointments since May 2019
  • Inpatient stays since May 2019
  • Copies of letters sent to your GP regarding your clinical care

Test results (unless this information is referenced in a letter).

If you’re a patient at MCHFT:

  • Letters or appointments for Phelbotomy, Radiology or MRI scans
  • Telephone appointments

If you’re a patient at ECT:

  • Some maternity appointments
  • Letters for specialities apart from Radiology

Both Trusts are working to increase the information that you will be able to access.

Over the next 12 months, you may be able to see video appointments and letters from more specialities.

Please be aware that you can update your record directly should you wish to add any appointment you are aware of, which have not automatically been added.

If you had an operation or treatment outside of Cheshire, it won’t appear in your record, unless you add it in yourself.

If you had an operation or treatment at ECT before December 2018 it won’t appear unless you add it yourself.

If you had an operation or treatment at  MCHFT before May 2019 if won’t appear unless you add it yourself.

This is an initiative managed by NHS Digital and separate from this project. You can find all you need to know about the NHS Digital Sharing my GP Data on the NHS website.

We believe that securely sharing patient data between NHS providers can save lives, and improve care. We encourage patients to find out more about NHS Digital's Pans so they are fully informed.

Yes, you can use NHS App by downloading it and following the registration process. Once you are in the app, Get started by tapping 'Appointments', then 'Hospital and other appointments' and link your NHS login with MyCareView by agreeing to the consent screen. You can then view any certain types of appointments or letters shared by Leighton or Macclesfield hospital if you have recent activity history there.

To find further details visit the MyCareView home page on Live Well


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PC/laptop users can access a web based version of NHS App at:

if you are using a VPN connection you may experience difficulties downloading the NHS App as it is only available in the UK.

NHS App will look up a patient’s details when they provide them in the app and try to find if they are registered with a practice. The app then requests that the patient provide identification through an online process such as a passport or driving licence, which the NHS Login team can use to verify the patient’s identity. If for any reason the app cannot verify the patient’s identity, it will advise they request registration codes from their GP.

NHS App with MyCareView

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NHS App with MyCareView is enabled for the following GP Practices.

You can search for the ODS codes in the table below using the NSH Digital ODS Portal

NHS practices and digital ODS portal codes
Practice NameODS Code

Alderley Edge Medical Centre

Ashfields Primary Care Centre N81032
Audlem Medical Centre N81001
Broken Cross Surgery N81632
Cedars Medical Centre N81008
Chelford Surgery N81069
Cumberland House N81062
Earnswood Medical Centre N81053
Greenmoss Medical Centre N81071
Grosvenor Medical Centre N81068
Handforth Health Centre N81070
HaslingtonSurgery N81043
High Street Surgery N81013
Holmes Chapel Health Centre N81077
Hungerford Medical Centre N81044
Kenmore Medical Centre N81002
Kiltearn Medical Centre N81047

Knutsford Medical Partnership

(group of practices formerly known as: Annandale Medical Centre, Toft Road Surgery N81026, and Manchester Road Medical Practice N81042)

Lawton House Surgery N81052
Meadowside Medical Centre N81118
Merepark Medical Centre N81111
Middlewood Partnership N81022
Millcroft Medical Centre N81016
Nantwich Health Centre N81010
Oaklands Medical Centre N81039
Park Green Surgery N81088
Park Lane Surgery N81085
Readesmoor Medical Centre N81027
Rope Green Medical Centre N81084
South Park Surgery N81029
The David Lewis Medical Practice Y05750
Tudor Surgery N81090
Waters Edge Medical Centre N81642
Wilmslow Health Centre N81086
Wrenbury Surgery N81614
The following practices in West Cheshire also have MyCareView available in NHS App:
NHS practices and digital ODS portal codes
Practice NameODS Code

Danebridge Medical Centre


High Street Practice WinsfordN81040

Oakwood Medical Centre N81067
Weaver Vale Surgery N81127

There are several apps and online services that help you to contact your GP, see your health records and order prescriptions. If you are registered with a GP in the Cheshire East region, you can now download NHS App and link it with MyCareView directly. You can connect NHS App with MyCareView if you have had an appointment with Leighton or Macclesfield hospital recently.

You can read more about the NHS app at

The NHS App with MyCareView Patient Portal can help you:

  • See data from your hospital, not just your GP for a more complete record
  • Add your own data (i.e. your symptoms, or any appointments not automatically included)
  • Connect over 100 devices in MyCareView (i.e. blood pressure monitors and weight scales)
  • Access your record while travelling outside the UK if you ever need to.
  • Choose which parts of your record to share (e.g. general health but not sexual health)
  • Depending on which GP practice or community health providers you use, you may also see Medications, Diagnosis and any recorded allergies as part of your record.

For further advice and support, visit the NHS online services page.

Page last reviewed: 24 May 2022

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