Clinical Application of MyCareView Patient Portal

The NHS App with MyCareView – new for East Cheshire

Convenience for patients. New possibilities for clinicians.

Patients registered to a GP in East Cheshire can now enjoy the control and convenience of the NHS App.  As well as access to Primary Care information, patients can access the MyCareView patient portal powered by UK software vendor Patients Know Best.

This means they’ll have access to secondary care appointments and letters, and the ability to upload measurements all within the NHS App itself.  MyCareView patient portal can be accessed through NHS App or directly in a browser-based portal using their NHS Login. Individuals can share their record with family or other people involved in their care. They will be using a secure and trusted service to manage their information. The MyCareView Privacy notice explains how this works

If you’re a clinician, the MyCareView patient portal allows clinical teams from multiple organisations to access patient-added measurements, information from other health providers, and optionally to securely communicate with patients and share information through documents or even care plans.

For our clinicians, the NHS App with MyCareView provides the go-to solution for anything to do with patient communications 

It’s the ideal, and secure platform for:

  • Capturing measurements and data - for example, patient-captured measurements and symptoms related to long-term conditions such as hypertension
  • Publishing video appointment links
  • Securely messaging patients
  • Sharing care plans and questionnaires
  • Embedding Patient Initiated Follow Up in your care pathway
  • Sharing patient information such as maternity care

Further information for healthcare professionals is  available on the Patients Know Best Healthcare Professionals page.

Further information for Patients is available on the NHS App information page

Five things for every clinician in East Cheshire to do right now:

  1. Download the NHS App – start using the MyCareView functionality to see for yourself what your patients can see (requires you to be registered with a GP in East Cheshire).
  2. Encourage your patients to start using it – by following a few simple steps once they’ve downloaded from either the Apple App store, or Google Play.
  3. Think about how you could use it to improve patient care – whether it’s asking patients to self-monitor by adding their measurements manually or integrating their favourite monitoring device to do this (for example, hypertension).
  4. Talk to your colleagues about it – and encourage them to use it as the go-to solution for patient communications.
  5. Talk to your local lead East Cheshire NHS Trust or Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust on how to use it for creating a more seamless, more informed way of improving patient care.   

Three example scenarios are provided below which can be directly supported in the MyCareView Patient Portal, for patients registered with a GP in East Cheshire

Examples of clinical and patient uses of the solution elsewhere nationally can be found by following this link: Case Studies | Patients Know Best

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Current Approach

  • Clinician asks patient to routinely track their blood pressure and record information on paper.

Using MyCareView

  • Clinician provides patient with link with steps on how to create/access a MCV Patient Portal (PKB) account (via internet browser or NHS App) to record their readings.
  • [Optional: Clinician adds patient to their clinic list within MCV for sharing information and/or secure communications.
  • Patient records BP readings in MCV Patient Portal (PKB).
  • Clinical team sees BP readings for patient or is provided info by patient at next contact.

Current Approach

  • Clinician meets patient with temporary or long-term condition.
  • Clinician arranges for patient to have recurring future appointments with consultant at hospital or via video conference (e.g. Attend Anywhere).

Using MyCareView

  • Clinician provides patient with link with steps on how to create/access a MCV Patient Portal (PKB) account (via internet browser).
  • Clinician adds patient to clinical team in Patient Portal, for management of follow up:
    • Clinical team adds a care plan that requires patient to upload routine symptoms and measurements (e.g. “not sleeping”, pulse/weight measurements).
    • Patient enters measurements into Patient Portal manually or through connected device (e.g. Fitbit).
    • Care plan has RAG status based on measurements taken informing patient and clinical team that action must be taken.
    • Clinical team and Patient uses portal secure messaging to communicate about their care plan and if required, exchange images or videos.

Reference: Patient-Initiated Follow-Ups | Patients Know Best

Current Approach

  • Clinician meets patient with temporary or long-term condition.
  • On attendance, clinic takes measurements and survey from patient before consultation.

Using MyCareView

  • Clinician adds patient to clinical team in Patient Portal
  • Clinical team provides patient with information on how to create/access a MCV Patient Portal (PKB) account (via internet browser).
  • Patient completes questionnaire in Patient Portal.
  • Automated email notification that a consultation has been completed sent to clinic team email address

Page last reviewed: 09 September 2022

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