MyCareView Patient Portal (powered by Patients Know Best)

If you are registered with a GP in the Cheshire East region, you can now download NHS App and register for MyCareView to access your patient portal account.  Alternatively, you can Login or Register for your MyCareView account from this website.

If you’re a patient at Mid Cheshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust or East Cheshire Trust you may be invited to sign up.

The MyCareView Patient Portal is an online space that you control, powered by software PatientsKnowBest.

How it benefits you

The MyCareView Patient Portal gives you better:


You decide who sees what information about you and your health.


Your data is secure, only you and anyone you nominate can see it. You can see when someone has looked at your record and what information they access.


You’ll be able to view your appointments, see letters and record your health information in a single, easy-to-use online space.


It's easy to communicate with anyone you invite to see your record through MyCareView.


Everyone who cares for you and has access to view your MyCareView account will have the same, up-to-date information about you.

How it works

It contains your unique health and care information, that can be shared with your GP, hospital or anyone else you invite to see your information. It allows you to:

  • See new letters, leaflets or videos shared to support your healthcare
  • Communicate with anyone you have invited to see your MyCareView record
  • Record your symptoms
  • See and act-on any care plans that you might be on
  • See upcoming appointments
  • Diagnoses
  • Allergies and medications
  • Monitor your fitness and health by linking your account with your FitBit and other devices.
  • Link your account with the NHS App

MyCareView Patient Portal Privacy Notice

Page last reviewed: 24 May 2022

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