Poynton Relief Road

Poynton Relief Road is being developed by Cheshire East Council, working in partnership with Stockport Council.

A joint planning application for the scheme was submitted on 1 September 2016.

The scheme

Poynton Relief Road will be a standard single carriageway, approximately 3 kilometres in length. The relief road will also include two overbridge crossings for use by walkers, cyclists and farm vehicles, a 3.5 meter wide combined cycle and footway which will run beside the length of the route in the western verge.

The northern end of the route would connect to a junction with the proposed  A6 to Manchester Airport Relief Road or A6MARR (which is currently under construction). The route would then pass under the A5149 Chester Road to the west of Poynton and would continue in a southerly direction to cross the Woodford Aerodrome runway.

At the southern end of the scheme, the route would pass to the west of Adlington Business Park before connecting to a new roundabout junction to the west of the Adlington Travel Lodge. Links from this roundabout would allow the relief road to connect into the A523 London Road and Adlington Golf Centre.

Details of the consultation that took place can be Viewed on the consultation page along with the consultation documents which can be viewed online or downloaded.

Scheme objectives:

A set of scheme objectives have been developed by Cheshire East Council, in partnership with Stockport Council.

These objectives attempted to capture the strategic aspirations of SEMMMS as well as the local aims of the Poynton Relief Road scheme:

  • to support the economic, physical and social regeneration of Poynton and the north of the area, in particular Macclesfield
  • transfer Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) onto more appropriate roads on the wider network and relieve existing traffic congestion in Poynton
  • deliver a range of complementary measures on the A523 corridor to Macclesfield that address Road Safety, Congestion and Mitigation of the wider environmental impact of traffic
  • boost business integration and productivity by improving the efficiency and reliability of the highway network, reducing the conflict between local and through traffic, by the improved route for freight and business travel
  • allow improvements to the highway network for public transport, walking and cycling

Latest progress update

Progress Update – March 2018

Following publication of the Statutory Orders (Side Roads Order (SRO) and Compulsory Purchase Order (CPO)) in November 2017, there was a six-week objection period which ended on 8 January 2018.

A total of 12 Statutory objections, two Non-Statutory objections and one Representation were received during the six-week objection period.

A Local Public Inquiry into the Orders will be held from the 20th to 27th November 2018 at Macclesfield Town hall. see the notice of the Public Inquiry.

Planned work for March to December 2018

We will continue to meet landowners who are affected by the relief road with a view to address their particular requirements and to reach agreement for purchasing land by agreement (although this is unlikely to be possible in all cases).

Our strategy will be to submit the Outline Business Case to the DfT  following the outcome of the public inquiry.

Throughout 2018, the focus will also be on developing works information and a contract to enable the detailed design and construction works to be put out to tender. Only once the tender returns have been evaluated, will the project team be in a position to submit the Final Scheme Business Case.

Confirmation of the CPO and SRO along with approval of the business case will allow the scheme to proceed.  We expect a contract to be awarded in mid-2019 with work commencing on site in late 2019 and the road opening in 2021.

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