Compulsory purchase order and side roads orders

The next stage in the development of Poynton Relief Road is the acquisition of land to enable the scheme to be built. In parallel with negotiations to acquire land voluntarily a Compulsory Purchase Process has been initiated along with a Side Roads Order (SRO) to create and amend the necessary highway rights required to deliver the scheme.

The Compulsory Purchase Orders (CPO) and Side Roads Orders (SRO) notices were made on the 15 November 2017.

A Public Inquiry was convened to consider the objections on the 20 to 29 November 2018 at Macclesfield Town Hall.

Following the Public Inquiry, the Secretary of State for Transport confirmed the Orders, with modifications, on 26 April 2019. The confirmed  CPO Order authorises the Council to compulsorily acquire the land and new rights over land required for the scheme.

The  SRO , as confirmed, authorises the Council to:

(a) improve, divert, raise, lower or other alter lengths of highway;

(b) stop up lengths of highway;

(c) construct new lengths of highway;

(d) stop up private means of access; and(e) provide new private means of access


Inquiry documents

Core inquiry documents

CD.1 Statement of reasons (PDF, 758KB)

CD.2 Statement of case (PDF, 272KB)

CD.3 Supporting documents for the statement of case and reasons

Inspectors reports

Copies of these documents may also be inspected on weekdays between the hours of 9:00am and 5:00pm (4:30pm on Fridays and excluding bank holidays) at:

Macclesfield Town Hall
SK10 1EA

Poynton Library
Park Lane
SK12 1RB

Bramhall Library
49 Bramhall Lane South

Stockport Town Hall
Edward Street

Inspector's documents

INSP.01 - Pre-inquiry note from Inspector (PDF, 121KB)

Council inquiry documents

Poynton relief road overview documents

CEC.1.01 - Proof of evidence of Paul Griffiths - overview (PDF, 733KB)

CEC.1.02 - CEC Cabinet meeting minutes - 9 May 2017 (PDF, 96KB)

CEC.1.03 - Cheshire and Warrington Strategic economic plan (PDF, 6MB)

CEC.1.04 - SEMMMS implementation plan 3 (PDF, 520KB)

CEC.1.05 - A6 to Manchester Airport transport assessment (PDF, 26MB)

CEC.1.06 - Cheshire and Warrington draft transport strategy (PDF, 2MB)

CEC.1.07 - Transport for the North major roads report (PDF, 9MB)

CEC.1.08 - Cheshire and Warrington LEP letter of support (PDF, 90KB)

CEC.1.09 - Manchester Airport letter of support (PDF, 177KB)

CEC.1.10 - Plan of adopted highway network - Adlington (PDF, 767KB)

CEC.1.11 - Scheme cost estimate report (PDF, 904KB)

CEC.1.12 - Construction cost verification report (PDF, 8MB)

CEC.1.13 - Scheme funding profile (PDF, 32KB)

CEC.1.14 - Scheme Gant chart programme (PDF, 33KB)

Poynton relief road planning documents

CEC.2.01 - Proof of evidence of Adrian Fisher - Planning (PDF, 2MB)

CEC.2.02 - Cheshire East local plan strategy (PDF, 27MB)

CEC.2.03 - Macclesfield local plan (PDF, 5MB)

CEC.2.04 - Cheshire East allocations and development policies (First draft) 2018 (PDF, 5MB)

CEC.2.05 - Stockport core strategy (PDF, 4MB)

CEC.2.06 - Stockport unitary development plan 2006 saved policies (PDF, 601KB)

CEC.2.07 - Greater Manchester spatial framework 2016 (PDF, 6MB)

CEC.2.08 - PG18 Regional spatial strategy for the North West (PDF, 7MB)

CEC.2.09 - Cheshire structure plan 2018 (PDF, 2.7MB)

CEC.2.10 - Stockport local plan issues paper (PDF, 3.6MB)

Poynton relief road Ecology documents

Documents submitted during the inquiry

Supporters' documents

SUP.1.01 – Letter from Poynton Town Council (PDF, 337KB)

Objectors documents

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Rebuttal Proofs of Evidence

Counter objector's documents

Documents to be added

Other parties' documents

Documents to be added

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