How we deliver social value through our approach to planning 

Funds for investment from developers

A key focus of the planning system is to agree contributions with developers for investment in infrastructure needs. These contributions are called 'planning gain'.

The main routes providing infrastructure investment are:

  • Section 106 agreements - financial and other contributions agreed with developers for local infrastructure development; these funds provide much of the funding for local highways, parks and education improvements
  • Community Infrastructure Levy - a levy on all applicable development raising money for both central infrastructure spending and for local town and parish councils
  • Section 278 agreements (for highways improvements)

See the social value impact of developer funding

Neighbourhood planning 

We support communities wanting to create neighbourhood plans for their area.

Planning policies and planning permission

In granting planning permission, we follow a set of policies that include sustainable development criteria in line with national planning policy. These policies include our Local Plan Strategy and Site Allocation and Development Policies Document (SAPDP). The SAPDP  is expected to be adopted in 2022 - for updates, see latest  SAPDP news. We are required to review the Local Plan every 5 years.

The local plan is supported by a series of Supplementary Planning Documents. These set out specific measures that should be incorporated as part of development and documents and contribute to our ability to deliver sustainable development and social value.

See the social value impact of our planning policies

Because we must follow national policy when making planning application decisions, we cannot require developers to follow social value practices for internal issues such as employment, recruitment, and appointing contractors. 

Cheshire East Council as the developer

Where we are the developers and are contracting for services to deliver our own projects, we follow our procurement process for applying social value criteria

Building social value through planning - our impact

Social value impact from developer funding

Infrastructure funding statements - how we are spending the money we raise from developer agreements and the Community Infrastructure Levy.

Social value impact through planning policies

Local Plan Authority Monitoring Report - the effects of planning policies on social, environmental and economic outputs and how well we are meeting plan goals.

Housing monitoring update - housing completions and supply and how well we are meeting housing needs.  


Page last reviewed: 07 February 2022