Green Space Strategy

Green Space in Cheshire East

The Green Space Strategy looks at the provision of new good quality green space and the proactive management of existing green space to leave an important legacy for Cheshire East's communities. The Green Space Strategy document brings together all the green space elements of Cheshire East Council (Open Space, The Countryside Service, Public Rights of Way, Landscape and Biodiversity) to feed into the evidence base work for the Local Plan.

A Green Space Strategy is a tool to:

  • Promote green space in the creation of sustainable communities;
  • Co-ordinate the various partners to make sure that resources are effectively used and benefits are maximised; and
  • To make an effective case for investment.

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The Green Space Strategy was published in January 2013 with update documents published in 2018, 2019 and 2020:

Page last reviewed: 17 December 2021