Assessing our local SEN Sufficiency and our provision plans

The 0-25 SEND Partnership and Cheshire East Council are committed to providing the best quality education and support for all our children and young people to ensure they achieve the best possible outcomes. Having the right educational placement is key to supporting children and young people to achieve their potential and to develop the range of skills and experiences they need to equip them for adulthood.

Updated SEN Sufficiency Plan (2023)

During 2023, a refresh of our SEN Sufficiency data was undertaken in order to produce the following refreshed document:

SEND Sufficiency Statement for Children and Young People with Special Educational Needs 2023 - 2026 (PDF, 1.37MB)


This needs analysis has helped us to gain a clear picture of our needs which will form the basis of our conversations with our key stakeholders to support us to develop our services for the future.


We will develop our SEND provision plan which will set out the steps we need to take, and this will allow us drive, track and evaluate our progress. This plan will be led and delivered by the SEND and School Organisation teams, alongside the Corporate Assets team. These teams will ensure that the special educational needs of pupils are considered within all placement planning activity. 

Through developing our provision, we want to:

  • Enable children to achieve the best possible outcomes for children and young people.
  • Ensure there are the right number and type of places to meet children and young people’s needs.
  • Ensure that children and young people can have their needs met within their local community wherever possible.
  • Make the best use of our resources


We will be developing our provision over a three-year period. Achieving better outcomes for children and young people is dependent upon having the right services available, but also ensuring services fit seamlessly together, have an inclusive culture, and the right structures that support them. We have taken a whole system approach to improving support for children and young people with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND) across Cheshire East. This work will continue to be driven by the 0-25 SEND Partnership Board. Due to the energy, commitment and dedication of all parties involved in this work, we have already moved a long way towards achieving our aims, but we still have more to do to ensure that we achieve the best possible outcomes for our children and young people.


We will continue to review this needs analysis to ensure we have an accurate and up to date understanding of our pupils’ needs, and that we continue to evaluate our provision against what our pupils need.

Special Provision Capital Fund

Information relating to the special provision capital fund is currently being updated.

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