Children's Safeguarding and Quality Assurance Unit

Children's Safeguarding and Quality Assurance Unit safeguard children:

Independent Reviewing Officers

Formerly known as the Independent safeguarding Chair. Independent Reviewing Officers (IROs) make sure cared for children and young people are listened to and their care plans are of good quality.

Local Authority Designated Officer (LADO)

Working Together to Safeguard Children (March 2018) provides a framework for the management of allegations and concerns of suitability made against adults who work with children. The guidance applies to situations which suggest that a person has:

  • behaved in away that has harmed, or may have harmed, a child
  • possibly committed an offence against, or related to, a child; or
  • behaved towards a child or children in a way that indicates they may pose a risk of harm to children

The above criteria relates to the adult's behaviour in the workplace, and the community

If there is an allegation made against a member of staff, owner or manager of a setting then the Local Authority Designated Officer ( LADO) should be notified immediately  on 01606 288931. Ofsted must also be informed about the allegation.

LADO Consultation referral form (MS Word, 66KB)

LADO one minute guide (PDF, 267KB)

Leaflet for employee (PDF, 357KB)

Leaflet for Employer (PDF, 369KB)

Leaflet for Parent carer (PDF, 272KB)

Tell us what you think

It's not always easy to remember everything you want to say in your review. These example forms give you the opportunity to tell your IRO how things are going for you and how you felt about your review. We want your information to be safe so if you fill them in please don't email the forms - you can hand them in to your IRO after your review.

After your review you can always contact your IRO if there is anything else you wanted to say.

Parents, carers, and professional feedback

As a parent, carer or professional your views are important and we welcome your feedback:

Contact details

Email  Safeguarding and Quality Assurance Child Protection Team

Email Safeguarding and Quality Assurance Cared For Children's Team

Safeguarding and Quality Assurance Child Protection Team – 01606 288934

LADO Team - 01270 685904

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