Cheshire Care Record

Local health and social care services are working together to improve how your information is shared to support the decisions they make about your care.

Working across doctors surgeries, hospitals, community teams, mental health professionals, cancer care and social care the Cheshire Care Record provides a single summary of your health and social care record.

If you are being seen by more than one health or care service, the professionals treating you will now be able to share summary information. This information can include recent appointments, test results, medicines, and a summary of any social care plan you are receiving.

Why we keep records

We record information about you so we can provide services to you. This information may be kept on paper or on a computer.

Your records are confidential and can only be seen by the people who are providing you with a service. We do not give them to anyone else unless we have your permission or the law allows us to.

Records are generally kept for a few years after you stop receiving a service from us.

Medical records

Your medical records will contain a detailed history about your physical and mental health. This history will have been compiled throughout your life by a range of healthcare professionals as part of your care.

How you can access your medical records

Under the terms of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) we all have the right to request access to them and we do not have to provide any reasons why.

If you would like to view your medical records you can apply by:

  • requesting access during a consultation
  • phoning your GP surgery or hospital to arrange a convenient time to view them
  • applying in writing to your GP, dentist, optician or health records manager

The process of applying for your records is called making a subject access request.

Page last reviewed: 07 November 2023

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