Library services for children and young people

Library membership for children and young people

Children of any age can join Cheshire East libraries and borrow books and multimedia items. They can also use public computers in libraries (with parent's permission).

Every library has a children and young people's section, with storybooks for all ages and information books to help with homework and interests.

We're part of the Bookstart programme for babies and we have a range of resources for children with special needs

It is free to join the library and to borrow books. Children under 18 can also reserve books from other Cheshire libraries free, and children under 5 do not pay overdue charges.

For reading ideas, follow the links on our list of children's book websites.

Library activities for children and young people

Cheshire libraries always have lots going on for families. Regular events include a range of sessions for babies and small children

During the holidays we have extra children's activities, such as the free summer reading challenge.

To see what's happening at your local library, check the individual library web page.

Cheshire East Libraries newsletter

To keep up to date with activities and events, sign up to the Cheshire East Libraries Newsletter.

Resources for children with special needs

We have a variety of resources for children with hearing impairment, visual impairment, physical and learning problems and dyslexia. These resources include:

  • Braille books, tactile books, pop up books, flap books, 'noisy' books and action books.  
  • A hearing impairment collection, including material for learning British Sign Language, signed books, books about children with hearing impairments, and Makaton items.
  • Large print books, giant print books and talking books.
  • Clearvision books (books with both text and Braille, designed to be shared and suitable for children who are learning Braille or may do so in future). 
  • Most of these items are held at Macclesfield library, but you can order for collection from other libraries - search our catalogue using the relevant search terms (for example, braille, textured books) or ask at any library.

Page last reviewed: 18 March 2024