Borrowing library books and multimedia 

Cheshire East library members can borrow items from any Cheshire East or Cheshire West and Chester library and order from other libraries.

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To borrow books or multimedia items, simply choose from the library shelves, take the item to a self service machine, and scan your library card.

If you are borrowing multimedia items, you will need to pay the multimedia loan charge at the machine.

When you bring the items back to the library, take them to the machine to check them back in. You can return your items to any Cheshire East or Cheshire West and Chester library.

The number of items you can borrow and how long you can borrow them for depends on the type of item:

  • books - up to 20 at a time, 3 week loan
  • talking books and language courses (CDs) - up to 8 at a time, 3 week loan

You can renew items if you want them for longer than the loan period.  

If you do not return or renew an item on time you will need to pay an overdue charge, except for books borrowed on a child's card for a child under 5.  

To pay any charges due, you can use either cash or debit/credit card at the self service machine in the library. 

You can also download ebooks and online audio books from BorrowBox, or choose from 1000s of online magazines to download from Libby.

For ideas about what to read, see our reading lists and our list of books and reading websites

You can renew items unless someone else has reserved them. The new loan period starts on the date you renew the item, not the date it was due back. You can renew online, by email, by phone, or at the library. To renew more than 4 times you must take the item to the library. 

  • renewing online: log in to your online account with your library PIN  and choose the items you want to renew
  • renewing by email - email the library you borrowed the item from or reply to a reminder email (if you have signed up for notifications) saying you want to renew
  • renew in person - scan your card at the self service machine in the library to choose which items to renew (no need to bring the item unless you want to renew more than 4 times) 

To get an email reminder 3 days before items are due back or to be renewed, log in to your library account with your library PIN  and sign up for advance notice alerts under 'Your messaging'.

It is still your responsibility to return or renew items on time. If you do not get the email and do not return or renew items you will still need to pay the overdue charge. 

You can search our catalogue to see what we have in stock, reserve items, and order from other libraries. If you need help, ask a member of the library staff.

If we have the item in stock, you will see a list of all the different editions (for example, large print) we hold. To see which libraries have a particular edition of a book, click on the book title. You then have the option to hold the book for collection at your local library. To place a hold on a book, you will need to log in to your account using your library PIN  

We will email you when the item is available for you to collect if you have given your email address. Otherwise, contact the library to check.

If we do not stock the item at any of our libraries, we can search the catalogues of all UK lending libraries and order it for you. We can also borrow books from overseas libraries. To order a book not in our catalogue, ask a member of library staff.

There is a small reservation charge (except for book reservations from our own catalogue for under 18s). You pay the charge when you collect the item. The appropriate charge will also be applied if you do not collect your hold. Your holds can be cancelled by contacting your local library or by e-mailing us

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Library account  PIN  

When you join the library, we create an online account for you. You will get a  PIN to use as your password with your email address to log in.

If you need a  PIN and do not have one, contact your library or e-mail giving your library card number, name and address.

You can reset your  PIN if you have lost it.

Libraries stock policy

Our libraries stock policy explains how we decide what books and other items to stock in our libraries.

Page last reviewed: 21 May 2024