Housing advice


Prison release

When you go to prison you should receive advice from welfare officers in the prison about how to manage any accommodation you had before you were sentenced. 

If you are only in prison for a short time it maybe that they have helped you to keep that accommodation for when you are due to be released.

If you do not have accommodation on release from prison and are a likely to be homeless on your release date, you need to ask the officers in the prison to make a referral to us.

The prison or probation service must refer you to our homeless team if you're:

  • homeless already or likely to be homeless in the next 8 weeks
  • being released in the next 8 weeks with nowhere suitable to stay
  • staying in probation or bail accommodation with nowhere to go next

They need your permission to do this.

Further help and guidance 

Further guidance and housing advice for people leaving prison (PDF, 70KB) 

Prison Officers making a referral 

Prison staff can make a referral via our duty to refer portal or by contacting us directly on 0300 123 5017

Page last reviewed: 20 May 2024