Housing advice


Moving on from friends and family accommodation

Living with other people can be difficult. If things are going wrong in your friend or family arrangements you may be asked to leave.

The important thing is to try and do this in a planned way and where possible do not leave things until the last minute. 

If you leave in a rush you are unlikely to get the home you would like and your situation could be worse if you are unprepared. 

Start planning a move

You could start by making an application for social housing via the Cheshire Homechoice Website.

You could begin to save towards renting a property from a private landlord or look to share house with friends.

Saving and budgeting

You will need money for a deposit, for rent in advance and often to buy furniture and other household accessories.

Think about your income and work out how you will budget to afford all the cost of living alone.

You will need to pay bills (gas, electric, water, TV licence, Council Tax), and you will need money for all your meals and your hobbies and social live.

The budget calculator for solo living can help with planning your saving and spending. 

Contact the Housing Options team

If you have been asked to leave by friends or family with urgency, contact the housing options service on 0300 123 5017.

We will start by trying to negotiate with your family and friends to extend your stay whilst we work with you to help you move in a planned way.

If your relationship with someone you are living with feels unsafe, see the domestic abuse page.

Page last reviewed: 20 May 2024