Help with adaptations and repairs


Urgent Adaptations Grant

The Urgent Adaptations Grant is up to £10,000 for people who need urgent adaptations to their home because they are experiencing a rapid deterioration due to a life limiting illness, or the adaptations are needed to get someone home from hospital. The grant is also available to people who need a ceiling track hoist.

 This grant is not means tested. The works have to be consistent with the purposes set out in the Disabled Facilities Grant, and can only be used for adaptations that can be carried out quickly without any structural changes to the home. Examples include stairlifts, wash dry toilets, ceiling track hoists, temporary ramps and conversion of a bathroom into a level access shower (wet room). 

If the works cost more than £10,000, then it will not be eligible for the Urgent Adaptations Grant and will be subject to the normal Disabled Facilities Grant financial assessment.

How to apply

Contact the Occupational Therapy service on 0300 123 5010 option 2 to request an assessment. If following the assessment they think you qualify, they will pass your details to the Care and Repair service to access the grant. 

Page last reviewed: 20 May 2024