Help with adaptations and repair


Employing a builder

If you are looking for details of a local, reliable and reputable vetted contractor to carry out repairs, visit the Buy with Confidence website.

We recommend that you always get at least two quotes in writing and avoid contractors who say they will give you a discount for cash. Always make sure you get a receipt for any payments, and don't pay for services up-front.

If you are planning larger building works such as an extension, we strongly recommend that you have a written contract with your builder. RIBA have produced a domestic building contract which can be purchased online at ​RIBA domestic building contract (; there is also a JCT Home Owners Contract available to purchase online at Home Owner Contracts (

The Orbitas Handyperson Service is another source of help for small works. The service delivers minor adaptations such as grab rails, hand rails and key safes on behalf of the Council. They can carry out other small repairs for you at affordable rates.

If you are receiving help to organise the work through the Council's Care and Repair service, we can organise quotes and put a contract in place. 

Page last reviewed: 20 May 2024