Road safety improvement projects

We tackle road safety improvement projects in a number of ways.

Minor works are engineering projects that cost under £10,000 and help with one or more of the following:

  • improving road safety
  • reducing obstruction for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians
  • reducing the amount of unsuitable traffic using a road
  • improving access to the road for those with mobility and visual impairments

Typical projects include:

  • waiting, loading, weight, width and height restriction signs
  • speed reduction projects that need only minor engineering works
  • pedestrian refuges and other pedestrian features
  • road markings
  • addressing parking on verges
  • dropped kerbs for crossing the road (not dropped kerbs for private driveways)  

Minor works programme project decisions

Minor works projects are decided on by Cheshire East councillors through local Area Highways Groups (AHGs). There are 7 AHG, covering the whole of Cheshire East: Knutsford, Wilmslow, Congleton, Poynton, Macclesfield, Crewe and Nantwich. Every Cheshire East councillor is a member of the group that covers their area.

Each AHG has a fixed sum of money to spend each year. The money must be spent in that year. 

Though only Cheshire East councillors can vote, the meetings are also attended by representatives from our Highways department, local town and parish councils, and the police. 

If councillors can't agree, then our elected portfolio holder with responsibility for highways makes the decision.

When an AHG gives the go-head for a project, we produce a detailed proposal which we use as the basis for consultation with councillors, the police, and residents. For most projects, we need to apply for a  Traffic Regulation Order (TRO)

Starting the work

Once all agreements and permissions are in place, we can then schedule the work.

Because of all the steps involved, the whole process typically takes between one and two years.

New minor works project ideas

You can raise a road safety concern with our Highways team using our report it form. 

The Highways team will consider the issue. They will propose a minor works project idea if appropriate. They then put together a 'statement of reasons' to recommend the work. This goes to members of the relevant Area Highways Group for discussion at the group's next meeting. 

Area Highways Groups meet twice a year, usually in February/March and in September.  

Where a site has a record of personal injury accidents, we may consider introducing engineering measures through a local safety scheme. To qualify for a scheme, the site or area must have a treatable problem - we must be able to show that the number of personal accidents is likely to be reduced and that the measures will be cost effective. We check collision data for evidence.

We liaise with the relevant local town or parish council to discuss proposals and agree designs. 

We have an ongoing programme of work to make roads safer. Projects include cycle routes and upgrading and introducing light-controlled pedestrian crossings.

Road repair and improvement programme


Road safety project consultations

Most projects go through a formal consultation process. To see recent decisions and comment on current consultations, see Traffic Regulation Order Notices. You can use our online form to give us comments if the project is not listed.

Page last reviewed: 15 August 2022