Collision data

We use collision data provided by the police to help us identify road safety issues and possible locations for new safety measures.

To make sure we spend public money most cost-effectively, we focus spending on locations with a history of injury collisions. We can't prioritise locations where the records show damage only or near misses.

What collision data shows

The collision data tells us about the causes of each accident as well as the number of accidents. Both pieces of information are important.

A history of accidents over time (rather than just one accident) tells us that there may be a problem we can justify spending money on. But it's only where accidents share a similar root cause that there is likely to be anything we can do that would be effective. It might be, for example, that a location has had three collisions in a year but one was caused by a drunk driver, one by someone speeding, and one by a car overtaking in the other direction without allowing enough time. In this case, because there is no common root cause, there is no specific problem we can address.

How to get Cheshire East collision data

Our own database holds the most detailed and up-to-date information, as provided by the police. It includes the number of accidents, levels of severity, and causes.

To ask for a report on a particular location, complete our personal injury collision search form (MS Word, 121KB) and send it back to the address on the form with a cheque for payment.

We normally send the information within 10 days of payment.

Collision data costs

Basic search - single stretch of road less than 1,000m in length:  £174 

Large search - more than one road, or a stretch or road between 1,000m and 4,000m in length: £345 

Prices exclude VAT.

Search of a stretch of road more than 4,000m long - contact us for a quote.

Free collision data from Crashmap

You can get free basic collision data from crashmap. This basic data shows you the number of accidents and the levels of severity. It doesn't give the detail needed to understand the causes of the accidents and what measures (if any) could be useful. It is only updated annually.

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