Dropped kerb - vehicular crossing

You can apply to have a properly constructed crossing that allows you to cross a footpath or verge with a vehicle to access the road or highway.  You must own the property and the work will be done at your own expense.  You need to seek permission from us before any work is carried out.

Before you apply for a dropped kerb

Before you apply you should check our Highway programme of works to see if there are any works planned for your street. Our programmes can change for a variety of reasons and the lists are not exhaustive, so you should use them only as a reference. The fees are non-refundable. All applications and any works you carry out are at your own risk.

You will need to include permission from our planning department in your dropped kerb applications to the highways team.

You will need planning permission if

  • the site of your proposed dropped kerb is on a road classified as A, B or C

Use our  adopted road gazetteer to find the class of adopted roads in Cheshire East. The class of road is the first letter of the road number.Unclassified roads (U) are unlikely to require permission. The gazetteer does not show private or un-adopted roads. If your road is not listed you should contact the landowner, which may be a developer of a new estate or a housing association. The street manager or developer usually has responsibility for granting permission.  The Land Registry should be able to confirm who owns land.

  • any surface water run-off from your new driveway will drain off your property
  • your property is something other than a house for a single family. This includes flats, maisonettes and commercial or industrial premises

You may be able to apply under 'permitted development' but you should seek advice from our planning department.

Costs for planning consents will vary depending on the complexity of the site. 

Apply for a dropped kerb

Once you have permitted development or planning permission you can make an application to the highways team.

You must  include:

  • your planning consent if applicable
  • a plan of the site (example sketch plan)
  • permission from the property owner if applicable
  • your application fee of £132.30 
    This can be paid by card as part of the form. The fee is non-refundable.
Apply for a dropped kerb

The highways team will advise whether your application is 

  • approved 
  • approved subject to modifications 
  • rejected

Contractors doing the work

We will need full details of of your contractor's qualifications and insurance in order to grant them permission to undertake the work.

You will need to quote our reference number from your approval letter, if your application is approved.

Tell us about your contractor

Additional costs or forms may be required if:

Guidance and notes for contractors (PDF, 346KB)


It is an offence under S.184 of the Highways Act 1980 to habitually gain vehicular access to a property or land without the use of a properly constructed vehicular crossing (dropped kerb).

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