Dropped kerb or footway - parking

There are two types of dropped kerb/footway, those outside driveways allowing access to residents of individual houses and those used for pedestrian crossovers.

You should not obstruct a dropped kerb/footway unless you are parking on a dropped kerb/footway outside a house with the permission of the owner. Of course, obstructing any dropped kerb/footway will cause inconvenience either to the owner of the property who cannot obtain access to or from their property, or in respect of dropped kerb/footway at a pedestrian crossover point which can cause danger to pedestrians, particularly the elderly, disabled and parents with pushchairs.

Parking adjacent to dropped kerb/footway of a residential building

Where the dropped kerb/footway permits access to residential premises, contravention 27 is only enforced in response to a complaint. This is to ensure that only a genuine complaint (from the resident) about obstruction of the dropped kerb/footway is dealt with.

If you are a householder and having problems then please provide more information, including your name, address and telephone number to ParkingEnforcement@cheshireeast.gov.uk we can then arrange for an Enforcement Supervisor to give you a call and discuss your problems.

Alternatively, you can use our report ongoing illegal parking form to report ongoing illegal parking in areas where there are parking restrictions in place. We can only respond to an ongoing illegal parking issue, not to a specific incident or vehicle.

Parking adjacent to dropped kerb/footway of a pedestrian crossover

These will be enforced at any time by a Civil Enforcement Officer in the course of their duties.

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Page last reviewed: 06 October 2021