Planning permission

Not all development needs planning permission. "Permitted development" (PD) can be carried out without the need to apply to the local planning authority.   If you are intending to extend or alter your property find out if you need planning permission.

  • The Planning Portal 'Do You Need Permission?'will help you work out whether planning permission is needed. It is highly recommended you explore the Planning Portal whether you are a householder or a business.
  • The Planning Portal is unable to give specific advice relating to individual properties. For example, it does not contain information on whether or not a property is Listed, located within a Conservation Area or subject to restrictive conditions attached to previous planning permissions.

Legislation allowing larger single-storey rear extensions to be built under permitted development rules came into force on 30 May 2013. The new size limits are subject to a neighbour consultation scheme and require information to be submitted to the local planning authority.

What if I am unsure or want advice from a planning officer

 Other consents

In addition to planning permission you may also require other consents such as Building Regulations

Page last reviewed: 06 August 2021